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Macarthur Discount Paints also offers a wide range of automotive,
marine and industrial products to help with your project from start to


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Colour Matching

Macarthur Paints offers a world-class colour matching service to ensure the paint on your car, ute, truck or boat will look its absolute best.


Car Touch Ups & Resprays

Yes we can mix automotive colours in spray cans. You must have your cars paint code.

Basecoat available

2 pack solid colours

2 pack clear HS also

Remember you will get a better job if you use a spray gun...

Spray cans are for small touch ups and depends on the colour and also how far we can break the formula down to correct amount to put in can.

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Paint range 9.jpg


Juice Range

The people behind Juice Polishes have been involved in the Automotive and panel repair industry in Australia and on the world market since the late 1970’s. 


Aircraft Paint

A range of aircraft paint 

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